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Aeromat Pilates Ring

10.00 ₽

Ex Tax: 10.00 ₽

OVERVIEWIncrease the strength training benefits of your Pilates exercises with this Pilates ring. It provides resistance to boost the results of your ..


Hampton Dura-Prostyle Dumbbell

15.00 ₽

Ex Tax: 15.00 ₽

OverviewThe Hampton Dura-Prostyle Dumbbell combines everything you want in a Dumbbell into a single, beautifully-designed unit. It’s practical and eff..


Hampton HEX Dumbbell

22.00 ₽

Ex Tax: 22.00 ₽

OverviewCombining the highest-quality materials and manufacturing with a real understanding of ergonomics and the science of exercise, the Hampton HEX..


VTX by Troy neoprene dumbbells

39.00 ₽

Ex Tax: 39.00 ₽

OVERVIEWTone your body, define your muscles and build your strength at home with these top of the line dumbbells. These well-designed free weights mak..


Kettlebell - VTX

36.00 ₽

Ex Tax: 36.00 ₽

OVERVIEWKettlebells have been used in serious exercisers’ workout routines for centuries – and for good reason. Throw out your dumbbells and surrender..

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